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Melinda's Knitted Babe
Melissa's Earflap Hat
Jessie's First Hat & Scarf
Another first scarf...
Taffy's 1st Baby Hat
Vicki's Knitted Babes
Betsy's Top Down Cardi
Marguerite on the Congo
Pamela's Linen Jacket - Modeled by Alina
Brandy Ready for her Workout
Felted Pirate Bag
Arbel's Harry Potter Tank Top
Jane's Lady Eleanor
Sommer's Entrelac Hat
Blankets Donated for Harvest Home & LA County Hospital's NICU
My First Sweater!
Sophie's Dolls
Men Do Knit!
Ruth's Baby Blanket
Bel Air Lace Coat
My First Blankie!
First crochet project!
Fuzzy Feet
Crocheted Bear Blankie
Robin's Wrap Style Cape
Merino Stripe Wrap
Chris and his hats
Susie's Baby Sweater
Peggy's Uncle's Cabled Throw
First Hat!
Aimee & Carol
Shannita & Annette
Jason's Making Lace!
Iggy - Fashion Icon and Yarn Protector!
Lillian Making Socks
Lunchtime At A Mano!
Janice's First Hat
Brett & his "Ghetto" Stitch Holder
The A Mano Knitted Babes
Nettie The Duck
Lillian's First Lace Shawl
Entrelac Cardigan
Last minute gift ideas...
Fingerless gloves made with Dive Autunno
Malabrigo Fingerless Gloves